Traveling in the midst of a global health pandemic is something I can’t say I’ve done before. Sparse airports and flights is a sight typically unseen but these days is all too common. The fear of the Coronavirus has become more lethal than it’s contagiousness.

Favorite Brazilian phrase


Can be used as a thank you or Goodbye (said with some gusto)

Day 1:

The trip commences with a short flight to Houston, where we’ll spend 12 hours on layover. Thankfully, we have family that lives nearby and we can spend some time relaxing and freshening up at their place.

When in Texas it’s prudent to have Texas BBQ and so we made our way to Rudy’s, a popular chain of BBQ restaurants in the United States. A few plates of tender, moist brisket, pork ribs, and smoked turkey later we were satiated and ready to wash it down with a nice cold beer. A short drive over to BJ’s (another popular chain) and we got our hands on some Hefeweizen (wheat beer) and a bonus of sumptuous sugar-laden churros with vanilla ice cream. Yum! Fast-forward to dinner where we found ourselves at Torchys for some Tex-Mex including Tacos, Burritos, and refried beans.

Around 8:15 PM we left for the airport to begin the second leg of the journey to Rio De Janeiro. Big shoutout to Chargie aka Shaji for the southern hospitality, it was very much appreciated!

Day 2:

A ten hour flight later we arrive in Rio De Janeiro, groggy and excited. An Uber from Rio Galéo (airport) got us to our hotel near Copacabana in ~20 minutes. We stayed at the Royal Rio Palace, which was bustling with tourists and other patrons. Unfortunately, 11:00 AM was too early to check-in but the hotel made provisions for this situation. We left our bags in a secure location while we went to explore the city and returned when it was time to check-in.

Fifteen hours of crappy airline food saddled us with voracious appetites, so our first stop was to a local boteco to get some grub. I settled for the Filé de Peixe (Filet of fish with broccoli rice) and the wife decided on the stewed beef and rice (the portuguese name escapes me right now). lunchFish Filet with Broccoli rice and Stewed Beef with rice

Day 3:

Angra Dos Reis & Ilha Grande

tres reisTrês Reis